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Big News, TeleMeet is going to Europe

Big news from TeleMeet's corner! We're elated to share our latest venture into the heart of Europe.

In an incredible honor, TeleMeet has been invited by the Swiss Government for a series of meetings to explore potential collaborations across various cantons. This invitation is not just an acknowledgment of our innovative strides in AI and behavioral science; it's a testament to our growing impact on the global tech scene.

Here's the exclusive schedule lined up for us, showcasing the immense interest from these regions:

Zurich & Schaffhausen

Uri & Schwyz

Zug & Lucerne


Vaud (Lausanne) & Bern

Geneva & Valais

And Ticino!

We're privileged to have this opportunity to engage with leaders and innovators across Switzerland, discussing how TeleMeet can contribute to and benefit from the dynamic business climate and technological advancements in these regions.

As we review the 'Switzerland Startup Early Stage Support' program, our excitement only grows!

Stay tuned as we embark on this path of new beginnings and transformative collaborations. Here's to TeleMeet making a lasting impression in the European tech landscape!

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